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Dr. Peter Ferraro, DC, MCS-P

Dr. Peter Ferraro DCDr. Peter Ferraro, DC, MCS-P, Chiropractor & Certified Medical Compliance Specialist, is the founder of Advanced Compliance Solutions, LLC., a consulting firm established in 2005 dedicated to practice management and compliance as a certified medical compliance specialist for the healthcare industry and member of the American Academy of Professional Coders.

The medical compliance specialist – physician certification (MCS-P) allows for an in-depth examination of regulatory compliance issues associated with a physician’s practice environment. An enhanced knowledge of the laws, rules and regulations which effect the daily operation of a medical practice is necessary for professional advancement within the medical community. Without this basic knowledge, it can be impossible to make critical decisions, or in some cases even realize a decision needs to be made.

Jim DiOrio

Jim DiOrio’s career is a testament to his life as a servant leader. A graduate from the United States Military Academy at West Point, Jim served as a Field Artillery and Civil Affairs Officer in the US Army. He then served 20 years in the Federal Bureau of Investigation where he led criminal and terrorist investigations, oversaw the FBI’s Evidence Response Team.

He has worked as a liaison to military and intelligence units worldwide and is a highly decorated officer. He also serves on the Board of the Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund, a nonprofit he helped found that provides scholarships to veterans and military family members. Jim is the President and CEO of Global Security Consulting Company (J3 Global) focused on providing complete security and investigative solutions to individuals and corporations alike.

About Our Program

A compliance program is intended to ensure that a practice or provider follows all applicable federal, state, and local laws, private insurance requirements, rules, and policies relating to health care reimbursement and workplace discrimination, harassment and safety.  This plan also furthers the practice’s mission to provide quality care to our patients.  Reflective of the practice’s commitment to conducting business in a lawful and ethical manner, the plan has been approved by the practice’s board of directors and constitutes official corporate policy.  While the practice recognizes that mistakes will occur, employees have an affirmative, ethical duty to come forward and report fraudulent or erroneous conduct, so that it may be corrected as soon as is practicable.

The goal of the plan is to create a culture of compliance.  To accomplish this goal, compliance must be a team effort involving the practice’s medical physicians, chiropractic physicians, physical therapists, acupuncturists, employees, and contractors.

The practice will gain numerous benefits by implementing an effective compliance program.  These benefits include:

• The development of effective internal procedures to ensure compliance with regulations, payment policies and coding rules
• Improved patient record documentation
• Improved education for practice employees
• Reduction in denial of claims
• More streamlined practice operations through better communication and more comprehensive policies
• The avoidance of potential liability arising from noncompliance
• Reduced exposure to penalties

The plan contains seven (7) key elements:

• Establishing compliance standards through the development of a code of conduct and written policies and procedures
• Assigning compliance monitoring efforts to a designated compliance officer
• Conducting comprehensive training and education on practice ethics, policies and procedures
• Conducting internal monitoring and auditing focusing on high-risk billing and coding issues through the performance of periodic audits
• Developing accessible lines of communication such as discussion at staff meetings regarding fraudulent or erroneous conduct issues and bulletin boards to keep practice employees updated regarding compliance activities
• Enforcing disciplinary standards by making clear or ensuring employees are aware that compliance is treated seriously and that violations will be dealt with consistently and uniformly
• Responding appropriately to detected violations through the investigation of allegations and the disclosure of incidents to appropriate government entities

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